Project resources

Phase II

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Phase I

Urban-LEDS Final Report

This Final Report released in 2016, provides a summary of project highlights and achievements since the beginning of the project in March 2012 until its completion in March 2016.

Published: April 2016
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Urban-LEDS Project Brochure

The Urban-LEDS project brochure is a four-page brochure providing an overview of the Urban-LEDS project, its activities, approaches and tools, as well as the main outputs and benefits.

Published: July 2013
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Introducing the 8 Urban LEDS Model Cities

Brochure introducing the 8 model cities that have been selected for the Urban-LEDS project.

Published: November 2013
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Urban-LEDS Project Update 2015

Published: December 2015
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Urban-LEDS Project Update 2014

Published: December 2014
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Urban-LEDS Interim Evaluation Synthesis Report

The present report assesses the progress towards positive results and the preparedness of the programme structure to accomplish that purpose.

Published: September 2015
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