Urban-LEDS cities speak about their LEDS and experience with the project

African Urban LEDS cities focus on energy solutions

Urban-LEDS interview with Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor of Helsinki (English)

Urban-LEDS interview with Luis Tejero Encinas, Engineer – Directorate of Sustainability and Environmental Control, City of Madrid

Urban-LEDS interview with Valentina Orioli, Deputy Mayor – Urban Planning, Real Estate, Environment Preservation and Renewal of the Historic City, City of Bologna

Urban-LEDS interview with Marta Bugaj, Head Economic Unit of the Infrastructure Department, City of Warsaw

Urban-LEDS interview with Matheus Schuch –  Sustainability and Climate Change, Municipal Secretariat of Urbanisation and Climate Change, City of Fortaleza

Urban-LEDS interview with Maria Daniela Garcia Patarroyo, Advisor on International Relations, City of Ibague

Steven Bland (Project Coordinator) Introducing Urban-LEDS (English)

Urban-LEDS champions at international fora

UNFCCC interview with Mr. Geraldo Julio de Mello Filho, Mayor of Municipality of Recife, Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese with English sub-title)

Urban-LEDS I and related insight videos

Introducing Urban-LEDS (English / animation)

Introducing the GCC methodology (English)

Introducing Urban-LEDS (Portuguese)

Introducing the GCC Methodology (Portuguese)

An introduction to the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR)

From Vision to Action Plan: Raising the Global Level of Ambition through National and Local Climate Action

Join the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) – Mar 2017

Compact of Mayors: the World´s Largest Coalition on Local Climate Action and Towards Sustainable Development Goals/ HABITAT III

Launch of the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) – a COP20 Side Event Coverage by IISD

Introducing the GCC Methodology (Portuguese)

Urban-LEDS I Cities on their LEDS experiences

Doornkop Community, South Africa: Showcasing Sustainable Solutions

Come Discover KwaDukuza Municipality! (video)

ICLEI Africa – Urban Low Emission Development

Urban-LEDS I Cities present their Transformative Actions Program (TAP) Projects

Recife TAP Project (1) Mayor Geraldo Julio of Recife, Brazil speaks about Recife’s

Recife TAP Project (2) Alberto Feitosa, Sanitation Secretary of Recife speaks about the Mapping Project of Informal Settlements in Recife City.

Águeda Muniz, Municipal Secretary of Urban Development and Environment in Fortaleza, explains how the afforestation plan will benefit the city.

Commissioner Vijay Nehra of Rajkot, India speaks on citizen action to advance local sustainability initiatives.

Mayor Gustavo Fruet of Curitiba presents the city’s the Sustainable Village project.

Low Emissions Development in Cities Worldwide

City of Malmö, Sweden: Implementing Green Solutions in Augustenborg – this video illustrates the Sustainable Storm Water Management Package available in the Solutions Gateway.

City of Tshwane, South Africa: recent city initiatives, barriers, opportunities and next steps after COP21 by a city that has a clear political interest in exploring the 100% renewable energy pathway.