Guidance and Tools

The Urban-LEDS project aims to use local experiences to inform national and global processes. It facilitates the involvement of local government representatives at relevant regional and global climate and sustainable development events. There, they can advocate for integrated local climate action and support subnational government contributions in the achievement of national targets and commitments. This includes inputs into the UNFCCC via the Local Government and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) constituency, which is lead by ICLEI.

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Measuring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) of Urban Low Emission Development

ICLEI’s GreenClimateCities (GCC) Handbook for Local Governments
Download the pdf here.
Portuguese pdf here.
Bahasa pdf here.

Solutions Gateway

The Solutions Gateway provides access to technical guidance on implementing specific sets of low emission development solutions for Urban Development Challenges – elaborating on the package of measures that are needed to implement each new technology or policy.

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A Solution is a cluster of actions, or a process, aligned with Local Government roles and sphere of influence that can be implemented to deliver climate change adaptation and mitigation results and enhance local sustainable development. A Solution does not focus exclusively on technology – it is an integrated approach that can include several enabling and multiplying actions to maximize effectiveness and results such as policy setting, regulation, governance, capacity building, stakeholder engagement, awareness raising, etc.

A Solutions Package is a group of complementary Solutions under one particular theme, used in synergy to optimize the low emissions development impact.

Solutions Gateway Sourcebook

Low Carbon Solutions for Urban Development Challenges: an easy-to-use guidance for local governments.
Download pdf here.
Portuguese pdf here.
Bahasa pdf here.